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  • Our range of products and services is designed to help you to comply with today's environmental and OH & S regulations.
  • Industrial Equipment Online commenced operation in February 2012 and has rapidly become one of Australia's largest online providers of both material handling and spill equipment.
  • We cater for small to large business, from wet floor signs to safe storage of your liquid chemicals. We are here to assist you with your compliance and safety needs.
  • If a spill does occur it is essential to have the appropriate equipment to safely eliminate the risk of an accident, damage to property or the environment.
  • Our range of spill response kits, industrial absorbers and safety showers ensure you are able to respond and minimize the negative outcomes of an incident on your people, property and the environment.
  • If you are looking to source something we do not have listed feel free to 'contact us' and we will endeavour to assist you any way we can.
  • We also supply quality material handling equipment solutions which allow our customers to operate at the highest level in the manufacturing, storage and distribution of their products.