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Industrial Equipment Online is the convenient way to source all of your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), material handling, environmental protection and hazardous waste containment resources. Industrial Equipment Online commenced operation in February 2012 and has rapidly become one of Australia's largest online providers of these items.

The risk of an oil or chemical spill, or an incidence where an employee has had a harmful substance sprayed in their eyes or on their skin, cannot be discounted as a possibility. Your business cannot be underprepared for such an event. This potential for personal harm or an environmental disaster is too severe a risk for you to underestimate.

Our range of products and services are designed to help you to comply with today's environmental and OHS regulations and to have the appropriate resources on hand for those times when things just don’t go to plan. Our products are of the highest quality to give you complete confidence that you have taken every precaution and that they will perform when you need them to.

If you are simply unsure of exactly what your facility requires to ensure compliance to the regulations in your state, we will happily arrange a site audit. Once this has been undertaken you can take the necessary measures to both prevent and prepare for unforeseen events. Please contact us to arrange your site audit or to simply ask for some advice. We are here to help.

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