Biohazard absorbent 2.5 litre_

  • Biohazard absorbent 2.5 litre_
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    Biohazard absorbent 2.5 litre_ BW250_

    When you consider the amount of diseases that can be transferred in blood and other body fluids, it is vital that these spills be attended to as quickly and safely as possible.

    Spill Station Biohazard Absorbent will quickly absorb such spills. When contaminated, the absorbent will not turn to mud like other absorbents, and is easy to clean up even on carpeted surfaces.

    It absorbs odours and suppresses vapours.

    Ideal for laboratory and medical applications and is included in our Laboratory and Cytotoxic Spill Kits.

    $21.50 Plus GST